Online Payments

FinqUP offers investment, retirement, and insurance funds an Online Payment solution integrated into the mobile that allows for easy and secure deposits to fund accounts directly from the mobile app. Our solution supports all types of card transactions, with low fees and the highest security standards.

With just a few clicks, users can make deposits from anywhere at any time, eliminating the need for cumbersome and time-consuming manual processes.

Per request, we can also integrate with local banks that you work with, to provide your users with a payment provider of your choice.


Debit Cards
All Major & Minor

Which payment processor do you use?

At FinqUP we are partnering with established payment providers like Visa & Mastercard, additionally we also integrate with local banks through which the financial institutions we digitize already work with. To check which payment options are available for your company send us an email at

How are the customer's funds transferred?

Customers transfer the funds directly from their account to your account, with no middleman in between, increasing security and trust among all sides.

When is the client product activated, upon sending, or us receiving their money?

For insurance, the policy is activated when the payment processor confirms a successful deposit from the side of the user, while investment and retirement products and services are activated once the fund confirms it received the amount.