At FinqUP, we are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection for our client's investments. That's why we have implemented a state-of-the-art KYC-AML process that ensures all new clients are thoroughly verified and screened for potential fraud. Our automated KYC and AML checks are powered by AI technology and performed in real time, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for our clients while maintaining the highest level of security standards.

We have partnered with IDNow, a leading ID verification company in Europe, to ensure our KYC-AML process is fully compliant with European Union regulations. All checks are performed 24/7, with immediate feedback and alerts in case of any potential red flags. We also perform watchlist checks, ensuring that our client's onboarding of new users is never at risk from any known criminal activities.

Your clients can rest assured that their investments are being handled by a team of experts who take security and compliance seriously. With our automated KYC-AML process, clients can enjoy a smooth onboarding experience that is both efficient and secure.

At FinqUP, we are committed to creating a safer digital future for our clients and the investment industry as a whole.

Sanction, Watch & PEP Lists
ID, Fraud & Forgery Checks

Under which regulation the KYC-AML check are processed?

All KYC & AML check are processed by our partner IDNow operating under highest European Union regulation standards.

What are the AML checks being done?

Our AML checks include PEP and Sanction Watchlists.

Is the customer allowed to register if he doesn't pass the check?

No, the customer won’t be able to register for your services through the app, and it will be instructed to contact your company directly to resolve if there is a misunderstanding.