All-in-one digital office for the financial sector

FinqUP V.I.S.T.A. is purpose-built to meet your customer’s preferences today and it’s future proof for their evolving needs tomorrow.

All-in-one digital office for the financial sector
Modern solutions for today’s customers – digital, secure, engaging
Go-digital with a mobile app

All your services - One intuitive app

Your customers can access everything on the move and make informed decisions with a tap.

Easy and quick customer onboarding

Using EIDAS 2.0 KYC & AML technology we ensure that a client's identity is verified accurately.

Provide neat e-wallet experience

Handle transactions and set up recurring payments with ease.
Ensure safety and security

Compliance? Sorted

We automatically line up with top ID & QES standards.

Reduce fraud risk

Keep your operations secure with advanced AML (Anti-money laundering) technology.

Go global with confidence

You're set up for safe operations in over 120 countries.
Activate your customers and monetize

Deploy smart generative AI avatars in any role

Offer personalized advice and recommendations.

Test-drive investments virtually with a portfolio simulator

Customers can simulate, learn, then invest – all with a click.

A community hub for customers

Share the latest in fintech, share insights, and engage using social media features.
Ready to Revolutionize Your Fund?
Take the next step in your digital journey

Discover how our front-office suite and AI-enhanced technology can improve efficiency, engage more customers the right way, and drive growth.