Intelligent AI financial advisors
Traditional customer support and chatbots are limited, prone to errors, and boring.

Provide highly personal advice and product recommendations with AI avatars instead – they’re knowledgeable, friendly, and sound like humans.

Highly trained AI avatars for any customer-facing role
24/7 Customer Care

Data Hub Advantage

Every interaction is stored and analyzed, fine-tuning your approach in real-time.

Smart helpers

FinqUp C.H.A.R.M. uses machine learning to analyze data, making extremely relevant recommendations and advice for what your customers need.

Provide hyper-personalized advice

Your AI avatars are trained on strong data sets, learning from the Internet and internal databases.
Upgrade how you connect with your customers

Real understanding for real conversations

Your AI advisors make your customers feel heard and understood with natural conversations across video, voice, and text.

Introduce your clients to the customer experiences of tomorrow

Engagement and financial advice come alive through interactive, enjoyable, and personalized interactions.

Create a marketing stunt

Bring your brand to life by using AI to impersonate characters and ingest storytelling.
Automate processes and improve operational efficiency

Train your tireless assistants

We can adapt the avatars to any role your business needs - educators, brokers, salesmen, and support agents.

It can be a multi-role team

Let your avatars handle multiple roles: from promotion and selling, to uplifting your brand and customer support.

Smoother operations with zero errors

No need for product onboarding, staff training and employee management.
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