Digitization for Investment Funds

Stay at the forefront of the fintech revolution, and scale your business with our technology.
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Ultimate Diversification for Individuals

One app to find, register, deposit, and monitor your wealth in several established funds at once
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Join the Good Side of the Financial Sector!

At FinqUp, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of security for both our users and investment funds. Our EU-certified solutions for identification, data processing, and money transfers provide peace of mind for all.

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Simplify Your
Wealth Management
with FinqUp

FinqUp offers hi-tech digitization for investment funds, helping businesses stay at the forefront of the fintech revolution.

For individuals, our app provides ultimate diversification, allowing users to find, register, deposit, and monitor their wealth in multiple established funds.

Investment Simplified
Grow your wealth with confidence from the convenience of your phone, where with few clicks you can register & invest in several proven & trusted investment funds at the same time.
Dedicated App
Transform your business with a personalized and ever-evolving mobile app solution, providing your customers with seamless access to your investment products.
Freelancer Retirement
Invest in multiple pension funds at once and save for retirement with ease, all through FinqUp. By taking proactive steps towards securing your future, you can rest easy knowing you're on the path to prosperity.
Secure Transactions
Our secure payment solutions ensure that investors can confidently and conveniently invest their money in any fund without the worry of fraud or security breaches, allowing them to focus on their portfolio
Enlightened Community
Be part of a community of like-minded investors who are shaping a better future. Together, we can make a difference by supporting environmental non-profits and building a more honorable society filled with kindness and compassion.
Seamless Onboarding
FinqUp's cutting-edge technology provides EU-certified digital onboarding and qualified electronic signatures to investment funds, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for new users.
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Introduce The New
Generation App for Professionals

Verified Statistics

We got rid of the noise and present you with only the most relevant numbers for you.

Live Monitoring

No more waiting for updates on emails/sms or letters in the mail - we are not in the 1970’s

Easy Setup

Easily download, register, and verify in just minutes from your phone's comfort.

Advanced Simulations

Test portfolios' long-term performance before deciding.

Intuitive Design

Our app makes investing easy for everyone

Social Features

Stay ahead with market news, community resources, and portfolio sharing.
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In the new world of millions of investment solutions, we are on a mission to reduce the noise and unify all validated opportunities in one place that is easily accessible to everyone.