Integrate with existing or new partners for user-friendly, safe transactions.
Seamless and Secure
Online Payments
FinqUP ensures your users can easily manage their investments and make transactions, all within the app.
Convenience meets Security
In today’s digital age, offering seamless and secure online payments is not an option—it’s a necessity.
The FinqUP Payment Advantage
Flexibility and Integration for Smooth Transactions

Our solution is adaptable, meaning we can integrate with your existing payment partners, or help you connect with

major global brands.  Either way, we ensure a smooth and secure transaction process for your users.

Integration Flexibility

Use existing payment partners or connect with global brands.

Secure Transactions

Our platform uses the latest security protocols to ensure safe payments.

User-Friendly Experience

We prioritize a seamless, intuitive user interface for hassle-free transactions.
Streamlining Payments for Your Fund

Make online payments a smooth process for your users and a secure operation for your
fund with FinqUP. Let’s simplify transactions together.

Ready to Upgrade Your Online Payment Experience?