Importance of Digital Onboarding &
The Power of First Impressions

The onboarding process is the first experience a user has with your fund. Make it count with FinqUP’s streamlined digital onboarding. We’ll get your customers set up and ready to invest in just minutes.

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Register, Sign, and Pay in less than 3min
FinqUp is dedicated to improving the industry with our specialized fintech solutions, by constantly innovating to provide the best technological environment for users and investment funds.
The FinqUP Advantage
Why Choose FinqUP’s Digital Onboarding?

Intuitive User Interface

Our design is user-friendly, leading customers through the process step-by-step.

Ultra-fast Processing

In less than 3 minutes, users can complete the entire process - from registration to sign in.

Secure & Compliant

We uphold the highest security standards, incorporating KYC and AML checks within the process.
Set Your Fund Apart

Stand out in a crowded marketplace. With FinqUP’s Digital Onboarding, you’re not just offering

convenience, but building trust with your customers right from the start.