Empowering Financial Transformation
In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead means embracing innovation. FinqUP is your trusted partner in this journey, offering a suite of cutting-edge fintech solutions designed to transform your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.
FinqUP is a pioneering force in financial innovation, offering a suite of
cutting-edge products that reshape the finance industry.


Our expertise and user-centric approach drive digitization, efficiency, and enhanced customer engagement.
With AI-driven solutions, we provide personalized experiences, proactive support, and real-time insights.


Join us to future-proof your financial institution, gain a competitive edge, and embark on a
transformative journey toward a more accessible and efficient future of finance.


White-Label App for Investment Funds
Propel Your Asset Management into the Digital Age.
Simplify Operations, Boost Client Engagement, Accelerate Growth
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White-Label App for Insurance Funds
Supercharge Your Insurance Services with Our White-Label App
Streamline Workflows, Elevate Customer Experiences, Boost Efficiency
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Personal AI Advisor for Wealth-Funds
Amplify Client Interactions
AI Assistant for Investment Funds serves as a digital concierge, offering personalized advice, and guiding investors on their journey.
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AI Assistant for Tax and Accountants
Revolutionize your tax-related tasks
AI Assistant for Tax and Accountants is designed to simplify tasks, updates you with the latest tax laws, and offer personalized assistance.
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Our Core Values

Client-Centric Innovation

At FinqUP, we place the client at the heart of our innovation. Our solutions are designed to enhance client satisfaction and foster loyalty

Operational Excellence

Our suite of products is engineered to streamline your operations, freeing your team to focus on delivering exceptional financial services.

Growth through Innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to catalyze growth, helping you maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic financial landscape.
White-Label App for Investment Funds

Leap into the digital era of asset management with our bespoke, intuitive platform. Experience real-time portfolio oversight, tailored investment advice, and secure digital transactions.

White-Label App for Insurance Funds

Elevate your insurance offerings with our comprehensive digital solution. Deliver unparalleled services to policyholders with our streamlined policy listing, comprehensive information display, and swift policy purchase features.

Conversational AI Assistant for Investment & Insurance Funds

Transform your client interactions with our AI-powered concierge. Deliver personalized investment advice, and precise responses, and foster enduring client relationships.

Revolutionize your customer support with our AI assistant. Provide instant assistance, facilitate policy-related inquiries, and guide customers through the claims journey.

Dano – AI Assistant for Tax and Accountants

Simplify your tax-related tasks with Dano. Stay abreast of the latest tax laws and regulations, automate routine processes, and deliver personalized assistance.

Step into the future of financial services with FinqUP