Unleash Growth with FinqUP
Your Fund’s Own
White-Label App!

Tap into a new era of fund management, elevating user experience while supercharging conversions and retention.

The FinqUP Advantage

Superior User Experience

Our intuitive design and seamless navigation ensure a delightful and efficient journey for your users, from onboarding to portfolio management.

Boosted Conversion
& Retention

Our app comes equipped with powerful tools that drive user acquisition, engagement, and
loyalty, paving the way for fund growth.

Elevated Brand Perception

A cutting-edge mobile app positions your fund as a tech-forward entity, enhancing your brand image in the eyes of current and potential investors.
Unlock Unprecedented Value with FinqUP’s App

Our platform is built on top of the latest technology stack that ensures robust performance, high-level security, and scalability. The integration capabilities are designed to blend with your fund’s existing structure. Your fund’s shift to the digital space will be seamless, efficient, and hassle-free.


FinqUP provides a white-label solution that allows your fund to maintain its identity while leveraging our technology. Tailor the app to suit your brand and provide a coherent user experience.


FinqUP believes in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our app features allow users to contribute towards mutual causes, share portfolios, or engage with the fund, seamlessly integrating social responsibility into the investment process.

Swift Digital Onboarding

Users can sign up and start investing in less than 3 minutes!

Effortless Portfolio Management

From monitoring fund performance to adjusting investment allocations, all can be done with a few simple taps.

Secure Online Payments

Your users can fund their accounts easily and securely via our integrated payment gateway.

KYC & AML Checks

We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements without compromising on user experience.
Your Growth Engine

“Fuel your organic growth with our feature-rich app. Attract, engage, and retain users, promoting effortless referrals and a remarkable digital experience, ultimately driving your AUM”


Our app makes it easy for your users to recommend your fund to their network, turning them into your growth ambassadors.


From push notifications to in-app messaging, we provide you with powerful tools to effectively market your fund.
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Get Familiar with The FinqUP App

Advanced Filters

Find assets quickly on our app using keywords and custom parameters. Sort your results by performance or risk level.

Interactive Monitoring

Analyze current & past performance of all funds on our user-friendly app with detailed information served to you on several levels.

Diverse Portfolios

We are constantly adding new funds to our app, so you can create the ideal combination of options to secure your financial future.

Adaptive Simulations

Test fund combinations for long-term performance and plan your future according to expected investment and pension sizes.

Editable Distributions

Play with different types of subscriptions or one-time investments to find the financial plan that works for you.

Real-Money Activation

Convert your simulation parametars into an active investment with one click, without having to go to each fund separately.

Instant Access

Your current balance, profit, risk & subscription - which are the essentials of what you need for an abrupt overview of your account outlook.

Interactive Investment Map

A comprehensive overview of all live investments with a visually appealing tool.

Active Portfolio Editing

You can literally build your portfolio right from your home screen.

Various Payment Methods

Save on time and fees and choose any of the major Debit & Credit Cards, Bank Wire, or any other payment method that works for you.

Secure & Encrypted

FinqUp uses the latest industry protocols regarding security, encryption and safety of funds.

Donation Bar

Track in real time how far along the donations you and other users are making, and easily calculate your tax-benefits.

Market News Feed

Adjust your news feed however you like, for example, get news only connected to your current investments.

Portfolio & Investment Sharing

Explore and compare portfolios with other users or share your own to see how different combinations of funds are performing.

Social Duty

At FinqUp, our founders have embedded a passion for charitable work for global issues of all types. We stand for higher principles and progress, giving you the power to choose where we donate!