One of the main questions we’ve gotten over the past year and a half is, why FinqUP?

It’s one of those things that even though we can explain quite well, it’s fairly difficult, so to sum up in a few words since FinqUp is a multiplex solution for various stakeholders and it depends on where you currently are as an investor/user.

1. Automotive Portfolio Builder:

Let’s start with the basics, FinqUp automates your investment portfolio in a transparent & smooth way.

Until now, having a personal portfolio of investments was considered a feat reserved for middle-class and above-income individuals, but FinqUp has managed to introduce this amazing personal finance tool even for lower capital investors.

2.No wrong decisions

No need to waste 5 years just to learn the basic ropers – Kiss those chart patterns, Fibonacci retracements, RSI’s, economic calendars, etc goodbye. FinqUP is providing you with a turnkey solution when it comes to your investing/trading approach. We’ve partnered up with the most efficient traders & investors throughout the globe, which otherwise would require you to invest at least $50K just to get you started as an individual. Trust us, it’s not fun being glued to your PC or phone monitoring your position and sweating each and every tick the price makes. With our app, you can enjoy your morning coffee without checking your phone like a maniac every 3 seconds….why? Because some other maniac is doing that for you :))

3. Honest & Hambling 

We really don’t like shady brokers who squeeze people for money…and when I say we really don’t like that, we mean it.

The FinqUp team has spent their fair share of years in the investment industry, and what we’ve seen was not good. Let me put it this way, only the Forex market alone is worth nearly 6 trillion in volume on a daily basis, when I say there is enough for everyone, I mean it.

No, you don’t need to take out 2 mortgages and 3 loans to be profitable, all you need is a little patience and financial discipline. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to make bigger profits, you will need to invest more, or reinvest the gains you are already making, but the claim that you can only make money with a lot of money is false, and we are proud to be the industry trailblazers when it comes to this.

4. Enlightening & Impactful

One of our core values which are deeply embedded in FinqUp’s culture and tattooed in our hearts is – leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Yes, money is important, but when you make money, you have to invest it in different aspects of life, one of the more important ones is…invest in the world, in people, in the community, in nature, in…you choose. That’s right, FinqUp will dedicate a significant amount of our profits to charitable and community causes of your choosing. Entire parks and schools will be built because of you, and you will be accredited for it. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Never forget that with FinqUP not only are you making your financial world better but you are inspiring people around you to be better, and all together to contribute for a prosperous future.

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