Creating a fair and inclusive financial future

Welcome to FinqUP, a fintech startup on a mission to democratize access to professionally managed investment portfolios.

We believe that the current state of the industry, with this flood of trading and investing apps, has led to a situation where over half a billion people are trying to invest on their own with little knowledge or expertise. This has resulted in the majority of retail investors losing all their money, while the empires behind these applications profit off their losses

This was something we could not stand, so we set out to create a solution where professionally managed portfolios, previously only available to the wealthy, can become easily accessible to everyone, allowing the 99% to grow their wealth proportionally with the 1%.

At FinqUP, we are partnering with some of the most efficient and experienced investment managers, companies, and funds from around the world, integrating with their systems, and letting users from the convenience of one mobile app invest in a wide range of professionally managed portfolios, without needing to invest huge sums of money or spend years learning the ins and outs of the market.


But we didn’t stop there. We also made sure to include a range of features and tools that would help our users achieve their financial goals. From personalized advice and support to tools for tracking and analyzing investments, we’ve built a platform that provides everything our users need to manage their investments with confidence.

If you believe that equitable access to investment opportunities is important, join us in our mission to make the world of finance more inclusive and fair.

With Love

The FinqUP Team

Meet our makers

Dime Galapchev


Computer networks engineer, who worked PR & Marketing for big bank names & governments, ending up working for several brokerages before founding FinqUP from being devastated of the unmoral practices in the sector

Ivica Atanasovski

Portfolio Relations 
Long-time trader, and owner of well read trading journal, with extensive experience in Business Development, worked with Dime at brokerages before quitting to focus on FinqUP

Igor Madzov

Investments and Finance

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, founder and president of Startup Macedonia and Venture Studio NEST. 10+ Years in Alternative investments and Entrepreneurship

Zoran Tashev


Marketing expert who beside his graphic design skills has worked as Marketing Director for an Animation Software Studio, and Video Editing company for Hollywood and A-List music clients.

Martin Cvetanovski

An experienced UI/UX designer, with his own Digital Graphics Academy , and Digital Marketing agency.

Tase Tasev

Android Engineer

Senior android developer 10+ Years, lecturer on developing mobile apps,, and dog owner

Our partners, supporters, & cheer leaders.

Vitosha Venture

Temple University

Black Bull Markets

Keiretsu Forum

Startup Macedonia

Factoring Finance