Join FinqUP today and take your investment business to the next level.

With FinqUP, you can easily automate user onboarding, transactions, and account activation, all while gaining access to new markets for your investment portfolios.

Fair Requirments

All portfolios of individuals or companies with 2+ years of verifiable proof for low risk and stable performance, are eligible to join the FinqUP family.

Simple Setup

Our technology department is able to integrate and create tailored agregation solutions with all types of investing/trading infrastructures

High Growth

You just focus on your portfolio performance, and we will provide you the needed marketplace to easily get & manage new and old clients.

Why FinqUp?

Empowers the investors

Everybody without any prior knowledge with few clicks can invest in several professionally managed portfolios at the same time. 

Connects the unconnected

Retail investors, individual portfolios managers, together with small to medium investment companies & funds, all at one place.   

Restores the environment

Part of FinqUP profits are given as cashback points that can be donated to an environmental non-profit of your choosing, and in your name.

If you are an investment company or individual portfolio manager, that wants to get access to more capital, contact us so your portfolio can be integrated in our app