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FinqUP is a fintech startup that provides a simple and convenient platform for cross-platform investing. With FinqUP, users can easily invest in a variety of portfolios managed by verified entities, all from a single platform. This eliminates the need for users to manage multiple investment accounts and makes it easier for them to access a […]

This is a slightly tabu topic in a sense, because not a lot of people in the finance industry are willing to talk about it since their salaries have been above the average for the past few decades. What are the main problems with the current state of the financial investment industry? There are many […]

Why FinqUP?

One of the main questions we’ve gotten over the past year and a half is, why FinqUP? It’s one of those things that even though we can explain quite well, it’s fairly difficult, so to sum up in a few words since FinqUp is a multiplex solution for various stakeholders and it depends on where […]